I have now completed my “Joel Kody Walk" across America, having covered more than 30,000 miles and crossing the U.S. six times. In my previous walks, I’ve encountered numerous random acts of kindness, it’s been wonderful, extremely enlightening, and rewarding. My walking isn’t as easy as it was 12 years ago when I started at age 53. The ground seems to be much harder and more difficult to sleep on. My legs are becoming indifferent to my request to walk at least 20 miles per day! I stay determined to spread the suggestion, “LOVE LIFE” as a mindset that can most definitely enable us ALL to get past ALL adversity in our lives.

The completion of my final (Joel Kody Walk) walk into Montclair Village of Oakland, California on Saturday February 25, 2012 was a very heart warming event for me. I was truly touched by the wonderful individuals who joined us along the way to help celebrate the finish of 30,000 miles of walking. And the people waiting for me at the finish line were equally enthusiastic in their cheering and congratulating. Libby Schaaf, counsel person for the city of Oakland presented me with a key to the city and read a proclamation to me showing appreciation from the City of Oakland for my "LOVE LIFE" endeavors:


WHEREAS, Stephen Fugate has faced tremendous adversity and challenged himself to dedicate his life to the public good, and

 WHEREAS, Stephen Fugate has walked across the country six times, more than 30,000 miles, through all 48 contiguous states, carrying a “Love Life” sign , and

 WHEREAS, Stephen Fugate has spent the last twelve years talking to people across this nation, with the resounding message to Love Life, and

 WHEREAS, Stephen Fugate has spoken to individuals and large groups about loss of life and suffering, comforting countless people through the most difficult life-shattering times, and

Stephen Fugate has chosen to end his most recent national walk in Montclair Village of Oakland, California because of our city’s support for the “Love Life” message, therefore be it

RESOLVED: that on behalf of the City of Oakland, I Libby Schaaf, commend Stephen Fugate for his enduring commitment and service to all people on this twenty fifth day of February, 2012  

The local Oakland media coverage was picked up by national news media, USA Today and CNN's Both FOX NEWS and CBS affiliates across the nation broadcast my story.

The Oakland, California fundraiser event at tha Montclair Bistro in the Village of Montclair, was a blast!! Those that attended were very enthusiastic and responsive to the "LOVE LIFE" message. NBC, Channel 3, The Bay Area was there.  

The Tale of Steve Fugate